BASF Ultrafuse rPET 1.75mm 750g


A product range containing filaments made from recycled materials. Sustainable meets high performance BASF Ultrafuse rPET looks and prints as excellent as virgin material.



BASF-Ultrafuse rPET (recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate) is made from recycled PET.

The recycled material is a food-approved grade and has a natural transparent blueish look.

We predict a bright future for this material: it is environmentally friendly, has excellent 3D printing properties and good mechanical characteristics.


We select the best raw materials available from renowned suppliers. Dedicated people, highest standards. Production on our state-of-the-art computer controlled machinery guarantees a truly consistent filament, also between colors and batches.

It will perform as expected, every time.

All our products are 100% traceable to the source.

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Ultrafuse rPET Natural blue


BASF Ultrafuse