Daemon3D’s Makerspace Initiative for STEM and Arts Teachers


UK-Based Daemon3D Print Launches Makerspace Services to Support STEM and Arts Teachers

Daemon3D Print, a UK-based company, has launched a new initiative to provide STEM and arts teachers with the tools and support they need to deliver engaging lessons on 3D printing and scanning technologies. The program is targeted at key stages 3 and 4 educators and is part of Daemon3D’s Makerspace services.

The Makerspace services offer curriculum support for using 3D printers, laser cutters, 3D scanners, robotics, and other related technologies. The company provides lesson plans and course materials designed to pique students’ interest and deepen their understanding of these technologies. The goal of Makerspace is to help teachers create dynamic learning experiences that enable students of all abilities to find their strengths and reach their potential.

Daemon3D's Makerspace Initiative for STEM and Arts Teachers 2

Daemon3D’s Makerspace services aim to provide the necessary technical support and educational tools for teachers to effectively integrate these technologies into their lessons. Nicola Stokes, the late Director at Daemon3D, expressed concern that many schools were left unsupported with makerspace technologies, leading to expensive equipment being underutilized. With the Makerspace services, teachers can receive the support they need to deliver engaging and effective lessons that make use of these technologies.