World’s Tallest Carbon-capturing Artificial Tree 3D Printed in Korea

February 20, 2023

Tree.ONE, an exhibit by ecoLogicStudio at the Habitat One exhibition in Hyundai Motor Studio in Busan, South Korea, is a celebration of the convergence of nature and technology.

It is a ‘living’ tree that is designed by artificial intelligence and bio-digitally grown. The exhibit features a 10-meter-tall 3D-printed trunk that supports the inoculation of living photosynthetic microalgae cultures.

The algae-based biopolymers in the structure store captured carbon, making it the world’s tallest 3D printed, self-supporting, carbon-capturing, and storing structure. It has the same photosynthetic and carbon-capturing potential as a mature tree, metabolizing and storing the carbon molecules into its 3D printed bio-plastic structure while releasing oxygen in the atmosphere.

Tree.ONE is 3D printed with algae based biopolymers that store captured carbon. (Image credit: Yoon, Joonhwan)

According to the press materials, the exhibit showcases the dawn of a new technological era where contemporary digital and robotic infrastructure is repurposed to fabricate or grow soft, wet, living, bio-digital architectures.

It presents a carbon-neutral civilization where bits, atoms, and cells fuse into one biotechnological landscape. From small photosynthetic systems that enable self-sufficiency to high-density metropolitan clusters that support urban re-metabolization, the exhibit envisions capsules for mobility enabling the emergence of fluid and dynamic urban networks.

To learn more about this project, visit ecoLogicStudio’s Tree.ONE project page.

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