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Easy to print

Large color range

Low printing temperature


Strong and flexible

High heat resistance

Chemical resistance


Water resistance

UV resistance

Chemical resistance


 Prints easily

Provides excellent layer adhesion

Low shrinkage rates


 Synthetic plastic

More flexible and durable

No odors and fumes


Excellent impact resistance

High rigidity

Heat resistance and fire retardancy

Smooth PVB

Glass-like surface

Low warping

Print settings similar to PLA


Can be easily smoothed with IPA

Can be used on any FDM/FFF

Burns off cleanly without any residue

Flexible (TPU)


Durable, shock- and impact-resistant

Abrasion resistance


Easily removed without leaving parts behind 

Can only be printed on a 3D printer with a dual extruder


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3D Printed Wireless Sensor Devices Overview
Do you fancy printing yourself some wireless sensor devices for use in your IoT or robotics applications? If the answer is “yes”, or even “maybe”, then we have good news for you, because some researchers at Simon Fraser University, British Columbia, have just published a paper taking a look at the various methods for doing so.